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The Education
Competition Platform

ContestPad competition software allows you to create,
personalise and manage student contests and awards processes in minutes.

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Educational institutes,

whether it is schools, colleges, universities or

educational service providers, are now using online contests to accelerate their engagement

with students. 


Student based contests are:

  • Reinforcing learning outcomes

  • Sourcing reusable student-generated content

  • Fostering ideation and innovation

  • Generating student leads

  • Promoting social awareness


Plan, Create and Promote an online Student Generated Content competition leveraging the number 1 contest management solution, ContestPad, to capture, moderate, share, vote and assess student-generated content.

You are in good company....

FranklinCovey Speech Competition

FranklinCovey Speech Competition

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Securely Capture Student Content 

Student Generated Content is being captured and used by many educational institutes to promote educational outcomes and credentials. However it is critical that this is done with security and privacy in mind. ContestPad allows educators to capture and harness video, photo, sound and textual content from students while providing critical features to protect the content from unwanted access. 

Activate and engage students 

Once student content is created, activate engagement by promoting students to vote for entries and/or leverage expert panels to assess entries and provide feedback to entrants. ContestPad allows educators to credibly capture authenticated votes from audiences, providing protection from fraud. Expert Panels can leverage ContestPad to assess digital entries and even live events using detailed assessment criteria. 

Assess, reward and reuse 

At the completion of your contest reward your participants with prizes, badges and bragging rights. Analyse the success of your contest by measuring contest engagement through views, shares, votes and entry analytics.

Student Content, data and votes can then be downloaded and reused to solidify learning for other students and also leveraged as promotional brand material. All rights to content and data are owned by you, free to do whatever you like.  

Don't just take our word for it!


“Using Launchpad6 not only brought our competition all together but it is efficient, allowed us to get information quickly and ensured everything ran so smoothly.”


- Brandon Stoddard, Director of the Hall Global Entrepreneurship Center


Accept payments for entry

Accept payment for votes

Secure payment gateway integration

Receipt emails

Transaction management

Sponsor options



Facebook, Twitter, Google+ sharing

Sign in with Facebook, Twitter or Google+

Capture entrant social details

Custom social share messages 

Social voting gateway


Moderate registration, entries and comments

Automated moderation notifications


Judging round periods

Rating, ranking or assessment criteria

Judging groups

Dedicated judge scoring site

Judge progress indicators


Public voting with fraud detection

Limit number of voting entries and votes

Defined voting period

Social and email voting gateways

Use all sorts of metrics to score entries

Export, analyze and remove suspected fraudulent votes


Beautiful pre-made templates

Support multiple languages

Change colours, images and copy

Include explainer videos and counters

Social sharing widgets

Custom entry and registration fields

Full customization using the code editor

Capture multiple files per entry

     Email Notifications

Notifications for contest events

Customize all messages

Enable or disable any messages

Integrate with Mailgun or own mailserver

     YouTube Integration

Save videos into your designated channel

Replicated status control

Automated links back to your contest

Retrieve YouTube analytics


Users, groups and group security

Limit access to contest and entrants 

Full user registration process

Import users from other systems

IP Whitelisting