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software for Awards and Competitions



ContestPad awards & competition management platform provides powerful yet intuitive voting software capabilities for all your awards and contest needs

Everything you need to people's choice awards using our voting software


Multiple voting rounds

An effective way to get the most out of engaging with your voting audience is to create multiple rounds of voting to narrow down finalists. 


This keeps your voters re-engaging with your event and enables you to create a greater sense of anticipation from your entrants.

ContestPad supports multiple rounds of voting where entries can be narrowed down with each round to determine winners.


You can even create tournament style competitions which enables contestants to be eliminated through each round of voting. 

awards vote.jpg


Powerful Vote Rules

ContestPad provides the ability to create powerful voting rules. 

You can select when voting can occur, how often can vote be submitted for the same entry and how many entries a vote can be submitted for per round, per category or even per voting group.

You can also have a range of options to validate your voters identity. This includes IP address, email or social account or via a ContestPad user account.

Once rules are setup every vote will be validated before being accepted. 


Vote Fee Collection

ContestPad provides the ability to collect fees for votes. This effectively turns every entrant into promoters for your competition.

You can collect votes based on a straight Value per Vote option or create blocks of votes at whatever price you like.

You can even setup options to allow restricted free voting in conjunction with paid voting options.

Fees are also only charged when the vote is accepted

vote payment form.jpg
vote form.jpg


Voter Data Collection

ContestPad also provides the ability to capture any voter information you like through the use of Vote Forms.

This is great when you are using voting as part of your campaign to generate contact lists.

Vote forms support all different types of fields including text boxes, radio buttons, checkboxes, drop down lists, phone fields and many more.

All this data is then stored and exportable in standard CSV format.


Vote Fraud  Management

Using ContestPad rules reduces the likely hood of fraud.

This includes validating email address using uniquely sent links to voter email addresses, validation of social accounts and even IP and session validation.

ContestPad also blocks specific IP addresses and emails from being used in voting.

ContestPad also supports the ability to invalidate votes and analyse vote behaviour so that you can remove votes you suspect to be fraudulent.

Launchpad6 have also written a great article which provides some simple tips to avoid vote fraud here.


Find out how it works!

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