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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What types of content can we upload with entries?
    ContestPad accepts nearly all formats of videos, images, sound files and PDF documents. ContestPad will also optimise this content for viewing over the web to provide a combination of quality and performance. We also support YouTube linked videos if configured.
  • What is the file size limits?
    ContestPad can support file sizes up to 1GB. We can also increase this limit upon special request to 4GB per file. This caters for even feature length videos. We also provide the ability for you to set your own size limits your entrants can upload. In the case of videos we even allow the duration to be limited to a maximum duration in seconds.
  • Can we upload multiple files per entry?
    Yes, ContestPad supports the ability to not only upload multiple files per submission but also the ability to have mixed file types according to your configuration.
  • Can we charge people to enter a contest?
    Yes, ContestPad allows you to connect to your own payment gateway to accept a credit card payments per submission. We also ensure entrants are only charged when the entry is accepted by you and we also manage sending a receipt after successful payment. We also take no commission on the payments you receive.
  • Can I live stream video for my competition voting or judging?
    ContestPad can integrate with YouTube Live Streaming. This enables a current or scheduled live event to be voted on or judged via the judging panel.
  • Can I customise my own fields to accept with entries?
    ContestPad provides a comprehensive form builder that allows you to define your own fields to accept with submissions. There are many field types including text, drop down selectors, checkbox, upload fields, payment fields and many more. You can even create categories and define different forms depending on the category of entry selected.
  • Is there any limit to the number of entries or users I can collect?
    The Entry and Standard package have some limits on the number of entries however there are no limits to the number of users or voters. The Advanced and Premium packages allow an unlimited number of entries, users and voters.
  • Does ContestPad support public voting?
    Yes, ContestPad provides a comprehensive voting capability that allows you to create multiple rounds of voting. Each round can have its own voting rules defined so voters cannot vote outside of the defined voting rules. We also offer multiple options for identifying voters including email addresses, social accounts, IP address and even user accounts created on the platform.
  • Can you charge people for votes?
    ContestPad allows the ability to charge voters for votes. This is great for fundraisers and donation-based competitions. You can even set so that users can purchase one or multiple votes.
  • Can all my files and data I have collected be downloaded?
    Yes, data and entry content collected is exportable. This includes all collected files as well as entry, vote, user and judging information collected.
  • Do I have to commit to an annual package?
    No, we have multiple subscription options available ranging from 3 month, 6 month and 12 month subscriptions. You can find all the detailed information on the different package we have at
  • Can I do a free trial of the software?
    Yes, we offer a limited use free trial of the software that allows you to try out the basic functions of the solution. Note that the free trial does not contain all the feature of the paid subscription however we are always happy to conduct a full product demonstration specific to your needs and/or provide further information.
  • Can I run multiple competitions within the one subscription?
    Yes, depending on the package selected you can publish up to 5 contests all at once. Each contest can have its own design, configuration and entries. All packages also support the ability to publish as many contests as you like sequentially.
  • Can I use formal judging panels to assess entries?
    Yes, ContestPad includes a powerful judging module which allows you to create judging panels which you can allocate entries to be assessed over multiple rounds. ContestPad will automatically calculate scores based on judging assessments.
  • Can I white label ContestPad so our clients don’t even know we are using Launchpad6?
    ContestPad allows you to completely style and whitelabel you competition. This includes the contest micro-site, email messages and even contest URL.
  • Can I embed the ContestPad into my own website?
    Yes, ContestPad includes contest widgets which allows users to register, submit, view and vote on entries directly within your own website. Many opensource and commercial CMS’s are supported.
  • Can I use my own domain for the site?
    Yes, ContestPad allows you to set your own sub-domain to your website pages.
  • What happens at the end of my subscription?
    You can choose to end your subscription at any time. The system will then automatically delete your site at the end of the subscription period. If your contest ends and is no longer active however you want to keep the site design, content or even just live in read-only mode we have a low-cost option for dormant competitions which you can upgrade again when you are ready to start again.
  • Can I get a personal demonstration?
    Yes most definitely. In fact while we make the platform as self service as possible the solution is extremely powerful and there are often different ways to achieve the same outcome. By setting up a demonstration we can discuss your specific requirements and discuss and demonstrate eactely how we can achieve them. Even more importantly however is that we can provide our advice and recommendations. Often we will demonstrate and recommend aspects which you may not have even thought of. If you would like a demo use the url below and select a date and time that works for you:
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