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About Us

Enhancing organizations with video and competitions since 2009 

At Launchpad6, we’ve always had a passion for online video, and since 2009, we’ve been building online competition software harnessing video to help businesses harness its power.

Whether you’re a large enterprise or a small family business, Launchpad6 is the best software tool to help you attract, engage, nurture and convert your customers using compelling video content.

Our vision is to create a suite of contest software products across a range of business areas including sales, marketing, human resources, education and operations.

We will continue to enhance and expand our software solutions, which currently include Edify6 and ContestPad.


Humble beginnings 

The Launchpad6 story began when Peter Mandin (original Founder and CEO) was watching a documentary in September 2009. The documentary told the story of a young Brazilian boy, who was discovered playing football on the side of the road by a talent scout travelling through the town on vacation.

Peter’s first thought was that there had to be some way for talented people like this boy to be found. After an extensive internet search, he realized there wasn’t, and instantly knew an opportunity existed.

After discussing the idea for a talent-based video website with numerous friends at local watering holes, he resigned from his job as a superyacht captain, and developed a video platform, known then as

A new beginning 

In July 2015, after five successful years, Peter handed over the management of the business to a new team led by Nicole and Andrew.

This team has taken the platform to a new level. Rebranded as Launchpad6, it has now been transformed to a completely self-service SAAS solution with many enhancements.

However, ever since that first day, our goal has remained the same: to provide organizations with a simple, effective way to leverage the incredible power of online video and engagement of competitive events.

Whether your goal is to engage your customers, drive more revenue or streamline the process of training, education or human resources, Launchpad6 is committed to helping you achieve it.



The road ahead 

With customers in over 17 different countries, and numerous Fortune 500 companies using the platform to enhance and grow their business, Launchpad6 has a bright future, with even more exciting product releases coming soon!

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