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Video engages audiences unlike any other medium, and more than 80% of internet users watch video online. Use the power of video and the thrill of competition to drive your brand engagement like never before.

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Gain invaluable insights into your customers and prospects with Launchpad6’s video and site analytics. Understand what your audience likes to watch. What part of an experience captivates them and what doesn’t? Where are they from? What are their unique characteristics? What are their interests?

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Crowd sourcing is the way of the future. Provide a compelling incentive for your audience to share ideas and inspire others using video.

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Teach, entertain, motivate and promote awareness to your audience by unlocking the value of your ideas and assets through video. Achieve returns through subscription, improved staff proficiency, brand awareness and product promotion through self-advertising. With Launchpad 6, the opportunities are endless.