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Collecting Fees 



for Fundraising using Contests and Competitions



ContestPad contest & competition management platform provides powerful and secure capabilities to collect fees to raise funds

Everything you need for fundraising using competitions


Collect Submission Fees

Using ContestPad you can collect fees to enter competitions. You can even charge different fees based on the category of entry. 

If submission approval is required then payments are only taken once the submission is approved. This reduces the likelihood of refunds or disputes.

We also manage sending of receipts and even support multiple currencies

submission form.jpg
vote payment form.jpg


Collect fees for votes

ContestPad provides the ability to collect fees for votes. This effectively turns every entrant into promoters for your competition.

You can collect votes based on a straight Value per Vote option or create blocks of votes at whatever price you like.

You can even setup options to allow restricted free voting in conjunction with paid voting options.

Fees are also only charged when the vote is accepted


Product packaging

To provide ultimate flexibility ContestPad allows you to create custom packages so you can bundle access credits to the platform.

This could include purchasing submission credits or even annual memberships to events.

Using packages you can provide bundled discounts to reward users for larger purchases.


You can even use packages to sell other items such as physical event entry, merchandise and other sellable items.

Products purchase.jpg
Vote Now - Credit Card Payment - radio.jpg
Vote Now - PayPal Payment - radio.jpg


Payment options

ContestPad connects directly to your Stripe or PayPal payment gateway.

This provides your users with two trusted options. ContestPad leverages secure integration that gives your users the peace of mind that their payments are securely managed.

Almost best of all is that Launchpad6 does not take any commission from your payments, meaning what you collect goes directly to you.


Transaction/Order management and reporting

ContestPad tracks the status of payments and will automatically provide users with receipts when payments are confirmed or notifications if there has been an issue with payment.

All transactions can be exported for reconciliation of payments in your financial systems.

ContestPad even supports the ability to manage orders of packaged products including manual order creation and updating of customer orders.

Global Order History.jpg

Find out how it works!

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