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Online Judging



software for Awards and Competitions



ContestPad awards & competition management platform provides powerful yet intuitive judging software capabilities for all your awards and contest needs

Everything you need to assess and rank submissions using our judging software


Intuitive judging portal

Providing judges with a simple to use and intuitive interface is critical to ensuring you get maximum participation from your judges.

That's why ContestPad has focused on providing a delightful experience for your judges.

Simple filters, sorting and scoring mechanisms are all at your judges fingertips.

If you want to add your own white labelled custom design, then like all ContestPad pages you can completely style to your own requirements

judging round.jpg


Rate, Assess or rank entries

ContestPad judging rounds support multiple types of judging.

Rate - This provides for simply rating of entries between 1 to 10. You can set the rating scale to be whatever you like and is perfect for shortlisting entries

Assessment - Create multiple criteria RUBRIC style scoring for more detailed assessment scoring of entries. You can even have different weightings for each criteria


Ranking - Allow your judges to rank entries from favourite to least favourite. This is great for comparison based judging to finalise your winners. 


Simple setup and admin

ContestPad allows you to setup multiple judging rounds with features such as:

  • Rating, RUBRIC Assessment or Ranking

  • Rating scales and weightings

  • Auto or Manual Assignment

  • Average or summing of scores

  • Judge groups assigned to each round

  • Start and end date/time

  • and many more...

To assign entries to judges either allow the platform to do this for you or assign manually using advanced filters and simple drag and drop.

judging score.jpg


Automated score calculation

ContestPad automatically saves the scores from all judges across all entries.

At the end of a round all scores are then automatically submitted and calculated for entries.

Scores can either be averaged or summed and can even exclude scores from judges who didn't complete scoring their entries.

This means no more spreadsheets or manual calculations. Everything is centralised regardless where your judges are located.

Find out how it works!

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