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YouTube contests

Keep your YouTube channel content fresh using ContestPad to create your very own YouTube video contest

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Seamlessly capture video content    

If you are looking to boost your YouTube channel with unique content then ContestPad provides the ability to seamlessly direct all participants videos directly to your YouTube channel. By providing "click through" agreement to use the video for your requirements, you don't have to worry about attribution or limited rights that you would normally have when leveraging existing YouTube content.


Create your own custom YouTube contest

YouTube is a great social video platform that allows you to manage, share and monetise video content. If you are looking to source new videos for your YouTube channels why not run a YouTube video contest? ContestPad allows you to create your own custom contest portal that collects videos and directs them to your YouTube channels.  Your audience can then vote and share the entries across other social platforms. 

Centralised analytics and managed videos

Once entries have been uploaded and sent to your YouTube channel you can manage moderation and access to your YouTube videos directly from within ContestPad. YouTube access is synchronised with ContestPad for consistency. ContestPad also centrally collects analytics from YouTube and combines these with ContestPad analytics.  

YouTube contests have never been easier using ContestPad 

ContestPad gives you the power to provide a completely branded and custom contest using YouTube as the video management solution. This means you have the best of both worlds. Contact us today if you want to know more on how YouTube contests using ContestPad can work for you. 

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