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Talent scouting

Take the pain out of finding, managing and assessing talent applications. Use ContestPad to capture, moderate, assess and select applications using the power of video. 

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Identify talent in a declining pool    

Finding talent in an ever increasingly competitive market is hard. Often it is not only that they are hard to find but you often don't spot them when they are presented to you.

By leveraging the power of video and ContestPad, you not only are able to capture potentially talented candidates but also provides a way to manage the process of selection to ensure when a rare talent is presented they don't slip through you fingers.


Leverage the power of video 

Video provides the ability to assess possible talents like no other medium. But to use video you need to enable your candidates to easily upload and provide additional information about themselves.

ContestPad allows your talent candidates to enter all sorts of information through simple mobile friendly forms as well as simply uploading videos, documents or images about themselves.

Assess applicants using reviewer panels 

Now that you have collected your candidate applications, use ContestPad's powerful assessment features to securely get reviewers to assess, rank and comment on applications. Assign applications to reviewers based on time periods, categories and more. Allow your reviewers to securely view videos, images and other associated applicant information. Set dates and monitor progress of your reviewers to ensure you collect all assessment scores in a timely manner in order to select successful candidates.  

Talent acquisition has never been easier using ContestPad 

ContestPad removes the tedious and unmanageable task of collecting and moderating candidates and selecting the best talent. Whether it be scouting for sports talent, innovative ideas,  job applicants or any other talent acquisition this is now possible without any development, manual spreadsheets or distributed email communications. 

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