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Bring on 2017!

What happened in 2016 and what is coming in 2017?

2016 was a big year for Launchpad6. It was the first full year of operation by new owners from Buzz Box Video. So what were some of the big changes? Well there was a stack of new enhancements to ContestPad. Lets highlight of a few of the big ones!

Judging Panel Module - This is probably the biggest enhancement made to the platform and is a unique to ContestPad. You can now setup judging rounds with all different types of judging options and manage your judges progress.

YouTube integration - You can now distribute content to your own YouTube channel but still centrally manage it from Launchpad6. Great feature for anyone wanting to create their own YouTube contest but with a lot more flexibility.

Engagement scoring - Unique to ContestPad is the ability to now score entries on a whole bunch of engagement criteria such as social shares, comments, plays and more. This encourages your audience to engage and promote the entries the way you want them to.

Contest Categories - Contest entries can now be assigned to contest categories and displayed in a categorised format on your gallery.

User management and security - We've made a bunch of changes to security and user management including the ability to bulk import users, whitelist IP address access, moderate registrations and a bunch more.

Video overlays - If you want to permanently brand your entries, ContestPad now provides the ability to automatically overlay your logos or images right onto the uploaded video entries.

ContestPad - Engagement scoring

We also ran a stack of contests for organisations such as Subaru, Bud Lite, KFC, Harcourts International, Foresters Insurance, Franklin Covey, Hills Shelters, MIFC, Luxury Escapes and many many more.

So what's planned for 2017?

Well 2017 is going to be a massive year! Not only do we have a huge range of enhancements planned for ContestPad, we also have exciting new products planned for release.

ContestPad enhancements coming in 2017:

We are busy creating the next generation contest and UGC curation platform which will include the following:

- New field configurator : This is a long awaited feature which is due early in the new year. More easily configure your own fields for user registration, entry capture and voting gateways.

- Hashtag social contests : Provide the ability to curate entries from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter using hashtags

- Campaign manager : Automatically promote your contest using contest events and promotional messages setup within Launchpad6 to your favourite social platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linked-in and more

- Payment gateway for entries : Accept payments for entries using our payment gateway module.

- New analytics: Our analytics will be greatly expanded with more granular video analytics, contest performance metrics and broader engagement stats.

- Brand new themes : Planning for a lot more themes this year to make it even easier to customise the style you want without having to change the HTML. We have a library of new themes in the pipeline based on popular and proven designs.

New Product Releases!

ConferencePad - Extend your conference experience!

If your organisation either runs or manages conferences or events then this product is going to be a must have. Due for release early in 2017, ConferencePad allows organisations to host their presentations or sessions and provide a whole bunch of branding and analytical options to event organisers, sponsors and presenters. Onsite sponsor advertising, virtual booths, and CRM integration to capture leads will be included. You can even monetise your virtual conference or create redeemers as an e-pass for your physical event delegates.

EducationPad - Create your own online University!

This solution will allow you to capture educational seminars and associated assets such as presentations, reading material, images and more. Create your own questionnaires and set the rules and credits each accreditation is worth. You can even monetise your educational material by providing subscriptions access to products that you configure. Even provide redeemers to reward participants to either your face to face training or to augment your other services.

VideoPad - Give your videos a place to call home!

The long awaited release of VideoPad is almost here. This will be a place your videos and other associated content can call home. Whether you want to securely host corporate, educational or even contest videos from ContestPad this solution will be for you. Embed videos into your sites or create your own branded portal using the Launchpad6 themes. You can also create products and monetise content for your audience. You can even centrally manage content from multiple 3rd party video hosting providers such as YouTube.


Interested in getting more information on the above or would you like to register to the beta program for ConferencePad, EducationPad or VideoPad? Don't hesitate to contact us at

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