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ContestPad 2.5.0 released!

ContestPad 2.5 is here!

And with it comes a whole bunch of new features and capabilities. Lets check some of them out!

Data Export - We have now added the ability to export all key data such as registered user data, entry data and vote history directly from the tables. All data in now exported into a CSV file right from the browser. This can then be manipulated and reported via tools such as Microsoft Excel.

Additional entry filters - You now have the ability to filter entries by date periods and also categories. This now makes it really easy to filter and select entries for weekly or monthly winners or judging periods.

Voting registration - We have now added a registration gateway for voting. This means for extra fraud prevention you can now force users to have to register to vote. Registration can be done using the voters social network access such as Facebook or Twitter.

Additional moderation - we have now added the ability to moderate user registrations and user comments. We have also provided for automated notifications to users when their moderation has been either approved or rejected.

Bulk status update - It is now really easy to bulk update the status of your entries. For example if you need to make a bunch of entries private, all you need to do is highlight them and change their status in one simple action.

Group/User optimisations - Adding users to groups is now far simpler. Just select the group and bulk select the users you want to add.

Judging page styling - You can now style the page for your judging panel to do their scoring so it matches the rest of your branded website. You can now even include instructions right on the page or have these inherited directly from the instructions added to each of the judging rounds during setup.

IP Whitelisting - If you need to protect your contest and only allow users to access the contest from a given IP address range this feature is for you. This is a great capability for running your employee contests where you only want employees accessing the contest site from within your corporate network.

Winners page enhancements - We have added some additional styling options for the winners pages including the ability to turn on/off different sections, turn on galleries and even select whether you want contest categories shown in the winners gallery.

Plus we have fixed over 124 different issues through extensive testing and debugging. Come and see the latest changes by signing up for a trial here or contact us at Launchpad6 at

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