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Easily Embed UGC Contests into your website

If you are looking to create a UGC contest campaign natively within your corporate website then Launchpad6 are excited to announce that ContestPad now supports embeddable widgets and API's.

This means you can now keep people engaged with your corporate website content without taking them away to a separate contest site.

It is now super simple to embed powerful contest capabilities easily into your own website or even social site such as facebook using our extensible widgets. These can be used with a website built with other Web CMS platforms such as Wordpress, Drupal, Sitecore, Adobe and many many more.

ContestPad includes 5 customisable widgets including:

  • Gallery Widget

  • Entry Widget

  • Subscribe Widget

  • Entry Submission Widget

  • Login Widget

Widget Gallery

Each widget can be customised and styled to fit in with your website design. This can be done using a simple editor or even customisation of CSS.

You can even copy and make multiple versions of widgets each with their own style.

Gallery Widget

Widgets are also fully responsive so they will display nicely on mobile devices or tablets.

If you like more control and are technically savvy, you can also now completely create a custom front end contest just leveraging the simple but powerful interface API's.

The ContestPad API's provide a way to create your own completely customisable contest user interface and use the power of ContestPad's engine to provide you with all the core capabilities needed to manage your contest. This is great for clients who want to more natively embed ContestPad into their own applications.

ContestPad also provides a simple to use test interface to try out the API's for yourself so you can understand syntax and return codes.

To find out more details then read our documentation at or contact us at

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