How do you promote your contest using Facebook or Twitter?

One of the most common questions we get asked from customers is “Can I promote my contest by creating a contest page within Facebook?”. I almost always answer that question with another question “Are you trying to promote your contest to as many social followers as possible no matter where they are?”. In all cases the answer is “Yes!”. So let’s discuss new right way to do this!

To embed or not to embed?

So how do I embed or promote my contest using Facebook? Before we look at answering this, let’s look at a few facts. Of the 1.59+ Billion users that access Facebook per month, over 1.44+ Billion users access Facebook from their mobile device. That’s a whopping 90% of all users access Facebook via their mobile.

Even more compelling is that of that 1.44+ Billion users, 823 Million users only access Facebook from their mobile device. That’s over 50% that will never see a Facebook page via their desktop!

“So?” I hear you say. “Isn’t that why it is critical to reach our audience by embedding our contest in Facebook?”. The answer is a resounding “That’s exactly the reason why you don’t want to embed your website in Facebook!”

Because guess what, Facebook doesn’t display embedded websites through its mobile interface. That’s right, you have just hidden your contest campaign from over 50% of your Facebook audience.

Ok so what if I still want to embed?

Haven’t convinced you yet. Ok well there is a way to embed your contest site into your Facebook site. This is done using a Facebook App such as “Static HTML”. This allows you to embed any website (including your Launchpad6 Contest microsite) into a Facebook iframe.

There is a video here on which describes how to do this in about 5 minutes:

This will work on any desktop however not on mobile devices.