Engagement and brand promotion with employee video contests

Online video contests are a fantastic tool for brand awareness. They allow companies an effective way to engage with their most loyal customers, and have those customers contribute to their marketing efforts by providing their own unique and engaging entries.

However, video contests should not be reserved only for external customers. In fact, to do so would be to ignore a company’s most valuable asset, their employees!

As companies aim to realign their message, relaunch their brand or release new products it is critical to the success of these initiatives to have the most important people to the organisation, the employees, aligned to and supportive of the mission.

While management and HR plays a role in communicating visions, goals and workplace culture, a recent Oracle study titled Simply Talent has revealed that peer employees are the top drivers of employee engagement. Employees look to their fellow workers to find inspiration at work, particularly millennials.

A great way to create a peer-influencing environment is to establish a company wide video contest that promotes your internal message and seeks to influence peers.

Video competitions (or any type of competition) are also a great way to encourage internal innovation by providing a vehicle for staff to express their ideas and be rewarded for their efforts.

To get you started, here are some tips for holding an effective employee video contest:

(1) Have a legitimate reason

Don’t hold a contest for the sake of holding a contest. Your employees will instinctively know if the contest serves a genuine purpose or not. They are much more likely to want to be involved if the contest is legitimate.

A good scenario is to hold a video contest that coincides with a new product or brand release. Have your employees create videos to internally promote the new product throughout the company.

(2) Set the bar low

You don’t need Kurosawa-level entries. In fact you don’t need entries with any particular technical excellence. All you need are entries that show that employees have made a genuine effort to produce something based on the brief.

To ensure that participants are not scared off, it can be helpful to provide a couple of example videos as a guide – these videos should deliberately not be of too high a standard.

Remember that user generated content is 50% more trusted than the professional equivalent.