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Case Study // Luxury Escapes: Help us make our next TV ad.

Luxury Escapes teams up with Launchpad6 to find a new and innovative way to capture the attention of travellers.


Luxury Escapes

Luxury Escapes is a member of the Lux Group one of Australia’s leading e-commerce groups.  Founded in 2010, it currently operates 15 online brands and is recognised by BRW as the fastest-growing company in Australia and is also recognised by Deloitte as the #1 Business Leader.


As the world’s fastest growing travel business, Luxury Escapes reaches up to 3.2 million travellers each month with exclusive limited time offers at ‘insider’ prices.  Members of Luxury Escapes receive email updates as soon as a new deal is launched and because offers are limited, members will always get the first chance to purchase a deal.


The challenge

Luxury Escapes is Australia’s largest advertiser in the travel/tourism industry.  A modern and innovated company they were looking for a new way to capture the attention of potential travellers.  By moving away from the traditional agency model Luxury Escapes knew they could get something extraordinary.


We know our members love to share their travel experiences with their friends on social media, we just had to find a way to capture their experiences and share it with viewers across the country.”  Blake Hutchinson, General


  • Looking for fresh, extraordinary content

  • Leverage the passion of our audience

  • Curate content for TV advertising campaign



  • Launchpad6 ContestPad Advanced package


Services Offered

  • Contest platform hosting and support



  • Captured 40 unique entries

  • Viewed over 90,000 times

  • Received over 4000 votes

  • Captured 2300 contacts

  • Acquired a contact list of over 40 content creator

  • Discovered an extraordinary winning

As a young company built on the support and engagement of our members we anticipated a good response to the contest, but we never expected the volume, diversity and creativity that we ended up receiving.


– Blake Hutchinson, General Manager, Luxury Escapes

Luxury Escapes decided to run a “Make our Ad” competition and tap into the collective creativity of its members and aspiring media professionals. The company invited budding film-makers from all over the globe to capture the world’s best holiday on video.  The video judged the “best” would be turned into a television commercial and aired across Australian television networks in 2017.


“What better way to gain insight into our customers, their interests, likes and motivations than from the customers themselves, all we needed was a platform to capture and manage the information.” Blake said.


The Launchpad6 Solution

Luxury Escapes needed a platform that was both stable and trusted and a company that provided timely support as it pioneered new ground through contest.  In its mind, only Launchpad6 offered both the service and platform features that Luxury Escapes was seeking.


Launchpad6 offered a simple to use platform with support that was just a phone call away.  The company could create its online video presence quickly and easily. There was no software to download or install, no html coding and most importantly no required IT skills.


Launchpad6 allowed us to easily customise the contest site with our own look and feel. It allowed us to develop our own unique rules to govern how our contest would run, who could enter, voting restrictions, internal judging rounds and much more.

Entrants could upload their videos directly from their own phones, tablets and computers. The platform also allowed members to share their videos on social media sites furthering Luxury Escapes’ ability to reach potential new travellers.


The results

Luxury Escapes received video submissions from all over the world with thousands of views and votes from the public.  It now has a new TV commercial that is different from anything else in the market, which will air across Australian TV networks in 2017.


“As a young company built on the support and engagement of our members we anticipated a good response to the contest, but we never expected the volume, diversity and creativity that we ended up receiving,” Blake Hutchinson, General Manager, Luxury Escapes.


In addition to a winning ad, the contest also produced a wealth of other content Luxury Escapes intends to use across its digital assets and introduced the company to a new community of digital contributors.


“The Lux Group not only recommends the Launchpad6 platform it is actively seeking new ways to use Launchpad6 again.”  Peter Taylor.

Go for Launchpad6

Like Luxury Escapes, are you looking to capture the attention of your potential market and leverage the power and diversity of your audiences?  Realise the potential benefits of video competition or talent search with Launchpad6.

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