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The Ultimate
Casting Management Software

The future of casting is here. JamarGig is transforming online and live audition management software with groundbreaking technology making casting faster, easier, and more organized.

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We know the challenges and stress casting directors face.

“It’s complex and time-consuming. It’s so difficult to recall the talent we liked previously without the headache of manually searching through the hundreds of auditions”


“Sifting through and organizing new talent can take an enormous amount of time and energy.”


“Running auditions is also chaotic! We run on tight schedules to get through all of the performers for each casting call. There is no room for error! We need a solution to help us hire the right performers the first time”

JamarGig is taking the chaos out of auditions by enabling casting directors and their teams to work better, faster, together.

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Working as a performer is hard — and that’s just when they’re doing the job.

“It’s an emotional rollercoaster of uncertainty, rejection, irregular paychecks, irregular hours, and isolation.  We’re constantly auditioning, and for all that effort, we don’t even land most of the gigs we audition for.”


“Working between gigs can be even harder:  filling out yet another form, submitting videos yet again.  The cycle repeats itself, as we continue our unending search for the roles that fit us.”


“But what if those roles could find us instead?  What if we could fill out only one form, and then apply for a myriad of other roles with one click?”

JamarGig is here to help performers land the right gig.

JamarGig is a revolutionary platform that is transforming the entire audition process for Casting Directors, Talent and Talent Agents. 

When you are releasing something revolutionary to the market it is critically important that you have the right players on your team. That is why JamarGig is being brought to life with the expertise of three innovators that are passionate about entertainment and technology.

Gig2Gig is the mastermind of Angela Calo who has been a performer since the age of 3. Angela has seen first hand the frustrations of how casting calls have been managed over a long period of time. Gig2Gig brings JamarGig the capabilities for both performers and directors based on Gig2Gig's extensive research and designs.

Choreography Online provides dancers around the world access to a diverse selection of quality choreography that can be performed on any stage.  It's founder Rick Tjia is a world renowned dancer, choreographer, and casting director for dancers, actors, musicians, and singers. Rick's knowledge and extensive experience in these roles provide JamarGig with the insights to address key problems in the industry.

Launchpad6 have been providing competition management software as a service to the market since 2009 and provide an industry leading solution in ContestPad. They have worked with huge multi-national organisations to small boutique businesses delivering tailored solutions that service sectors such as the entertainment, education, charities and startup communities.

This partnership of Launchpad6, Gig2Gig and Choreography Online provides JamarGig with the capabilities to make the process of audition management what directors, agents and performers have only dreamed possible in the past.

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