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World's Best
School Prizes

Celebrating schools that make a difference


T4 Education selected Launchpad6 for their most widespread global awareness program World’s Best School Prizes! 


T4 Education are building the world’s largest community of teachers and schools to help transform education to children and champion change and innovation. 

The World’s Best School Prizes are the world's most prestigious education awards, giving inspirational schools a share of a $250,000 award and a global platform so others can replicate their best practices.


In the early years the team at T4 Education leveraged online forms and

managed applications manually to review, categorise and assess submissions.


However, to scale the prizes, it was obvious to T4 Education that they needed a solution that would add automation to the collection, categorisation, shortlisting and scoring of the World’s Best School Prizes.  

With manual forms we found it tricky to screen and manage the applications once they were received.” Says Marin Maurette Head of Prizes at T4 Education.


Faced with these challenges Launchpad6 was recommended to T4 Education through word of mouth.


Some of the key platform requirements included the ability to:


  • Collect and host a large number of applications

  • Manage complex and long form submissions,

  • The ability to create a styled website which in included everything to collect and score submissions,

  • The ability to translate submissions to judges into a common language.


Scaling and managing these prizes meant finding a platform partner that would:

  • Create a beautiful and polished experience that aligned with the World’s Best School Prizes brand,

  • Give nominees an easy way to submit their applications in their own native language,

  • Provide a solution that enabled both a structured entry assessment and scoring by the judging bodies based on the rubric, and a public vote open to the communities,

  • A team that would help them every step of the way.


Help create awareness of the impact schools make to their community

Create potential leads for T4 Education


Create brand awareness and prestige using a globally unique event



Provide an enhanced application experience with save as draft and automatic language translation

Support public voting and judging panel adjudication

Create a clean white labeled competition site

Services Offered

ContestPad Premium Package


White labelled website


Automated application language translation rules


​1M+ views


50,000+ vote emails collected


Weeks of effort saved managing applications


100%+ increase in submissions received



After several discussions Launchpad6 was the only solution that ticked all the requirements: 



  • Launchpad6 supported complex multi-page forms for long submissions,

  • Launchpad6 provided a great polished experience,

  • Launchpad6 allowed for applications to be saved as draft to allow applications to be completed gradually,

  • Launchpad6 supported online judging scoring so judges could assess entries with all scores collected centrally,

  • Launchpad6 supported public voting based on an online video gallery

  • Launchpad6 were able to customise the platform to provide additional capabilities such as language translation to break down entry barriers related to languages and still be able to assess entries all in a common language



The World’s Best School Prizes received applications from more than 100 countries globally. Since using Launchpad6 the number of applications have increased over 100% and all applications were automatically translated to English for judges.


This saved weeks of work and made it substantially easier to narrow down

submissions for evaluation.


The ability to put in place a structured process for submitting applications, including the ability to save draft applications, helped substantially improve the quality of the applications received.

The application process is so important to the prizes. It helps schools get recognised for their contributions to their society. The ability to provide contestants the chance to build an entry in their native language, took the prizes to another level.” said Marin.


The World’s Best School Prizes was also able to capture over 50,000 votes, 280,000 visits and nearly 1,000,000 page views.

The Launchpad6 solution was able to scale the World’s Best School Prizes to another level and Launchpad6 continue to support T4 Education to make a real difference to schools, teachers and students all over the world.

“The ability to provide contestants the chance to build an entry in their native language, took the prizes to another level.”

marin avatar round.png


Head of Prizes, T4 Education


Are you also looking for stress-free ways to deliver your online awards program and elevate the experience to your nominees? Contact Launchpad6 to find out how we can amplify your mission using online awards!

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