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Case Study // World DanceSports Federation : Breaking for Gold

The World DanceSport Federation opens up competition to all corners of the globe with Launchpad6 to find the next Youth Olympian.


The World DanceSport Federation (“WDSF”) is the world governing body for DanceSport and Wheelchair DanceSport.  Founded in 1957, it currently has 90 national member associations making it a truly global organisation.  The term DanceSport was coined in the early 1980’s and has become an all-encompassing brand for an activity that is uniquely accessible and sociable. DanceSport allows participants to improve physical fitness and mental well-being.  Everybody is capable of moving to music and dance transgresses all barriers of age, gender and culture.


The challenge

WDSF wanted to open up its competition to all youth irrespective of financial means, location or previous competition experience.  Their solution was to launch an online selection system for the qualification of the forthcoming Youth Olympic Games is Buenos Aires 2018.  This is the first time in Olympic history that video submissions have formed part of the qualification system.


WDSF did not have the internal capabilities to host the digital qualification system itself and so looked to the market for a platform that could cater for the seamless uploading of entries from all corners of the globe.

WDSF sought a company with experience in video contest and a platform that was both stable and trusted.  John Caprez (WDSF Administrator) on choosing Launchpad6 said “they had confidence that the Launchpad6 team had the knowledge and experience to ensure the contest ran without issue.”


  • Source dance competitors from all corners of the globe

  • Provide an easy and seamless experience for contestants

  • Create global awareness to the Breaking for Gold competition



  • Launchpad6 ContestPad 

  • Custom development services

  • Multi-language platform 


Services Offered

  • Contest platform hosting and support

  • ContestPad Enterprise package



  • Over 1000 entries from across the Global

  • More than 770,000 views and 220,000 video plays

  • More than 36,000 votes

  • More than 86,000 social shares

they had confidence that the Launchpad6 team had the knowledge and experience to ensure the contest ran without issue.


– John Caprez, WDSF Administrator

The Launchpad6 platform was simple to use and support readily available whenever needed.  The platform supported multiple languages and entrants were able to upload their videos directly from their phones, tablets and computers.  The platform also allowed entrants to share their videos on social media sites generating publicity for their entries.


The results

WDSF received more than 1,000 entries showcasing talented youth from all over the world.  WDSF had hoped to reach contestants from all over the globe and were not disappointed.  Using the Launchpad6 contest platform WDSF gave youth from Mongolia to Korea the opportunity to qualify for the 2018 youth Olympics in Buenos Aires.


The contest also created fantastic engagement and in turn brand awareness for WDSF. This included over 700,000 views, 220,000 video plays, 95,000 social shares and likes and attracted over 36,000 votes. At its peak the contest attracted over 1000 requests per minute. 


Go for Launch

If like the WDSF you are looking to reach talent from all over the globe take your search online and harness the power of video.  Contact Launchpad6 to find out more about how we can help you reach your audience no matter where they are.

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