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Rise Awards


Axon were looking to elevate their Rise Awards and provide a more scalable and engaging experience for the community.



The Axon RISE Awards were developed to help highlight those untold stories of the everyday heroes among us.

From the individual officers who put their lives on the line each day, to public safety agencies who work tirelessly to protect and enhance their communities, to community organizations who work hand in hand with public safety leaders to build a better future.


As part of the community spirit of the Rise Awards Axon were looking to get the general community more engaged in nominating and helping select the winners for the Rise Awards.


We wanted to open up the nominations and selection process to the general public to create more buzz and elevate the significance of the awards” says Clint McFarlin - Principal Marketing UX Lead at Axon.


Axon previously selected winners manually using internal stakeholders and realised that to open this up to the general public required a solution that could seamlessly manage nominations and people’s choice selections.


Axon had decided to revamp the existing awards to take them online and get direct nominations from the general public and also get the broader community involved with selecting the most deserving winners. The specific goals for the online competition was to:

  • Receive nominations to recognize the efforts of exceptional individuals, agencies and community organizations

  • Elevate the prestige and awareness of the Awards and the Axon brand to the broader community

  • Source “feel good” content that focuses on positive and uplifting experiences

Creating and managing this the awards online meant finding a platform partner that would:

  • Be easy and fast to set up

  • Create a beautiful and polished experience that aligned with the Rise Awards and the Axon brand

  • Give entrants an intuitive and seamless way of submitting nominations to the awards.

  • Seamlessly engage the general public to help select the most heroic nominees through public voting.

  • Engage with a team that could provide ongoing expert advice


Recognize the efforts of Officers, Agencies and Community Organizations


Elevate the prestige and awareness of the awards and the Axon brand


Source “feel good” content that focuses on positive and uplifting experiences



Provided a polished online award experience that aligned with the Rise Awards and Axon brand


Gave entrants an intuitive and seamless nomination experience


Provided a secure voting solution that enabled general public engagement.

Services Offered

  • ContestPad Advanced Package

  • White labelled awards site for dedicated Rise Awards

  • Style and configuration consulting services


  • Over 120 nomination
  • Over 15,000 people’s choice votes

  • Over 250,000 website visits

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Axon looked at multiple different options. It was critical that the solution was both flexible but also simple to configure and style a polished solution. Launchpad6 was the only solution that ticked all the requirements:


✓  Launchpad6 allows for seamless nomination and voting of submissions,

✓  Launchpad6 natively supported all sorts of content including photo's, videos and form data with nominations,

✓  Launchpad6 provided a great polished experience, 

✓  The website can be easily branded and styled to match the specifics of the Rise Awards

✓  The cost of the solution was extremely good value for money based on its capabilities

✓  The solution was able to manage all three separately branded Officer, Agency and Community Awards within one platform,

✓  Launchpad6 offered consulting services to help both style and configure the online awards to exactly meet Axon's expectations.

Launchpad6 has now become a standard platform for the Rise Awards to support future online awards.



The primary measurable goal was to receive high quality nominations of which well over 100 nominations were received. This was an excellent result for the first year of public nominations.

Additionally in excess of 15,000 votes were received and over 250,000 visits to the award site.

We were really surprised by hands off the solution ended up being. The automation of the platform saved so much time and was so easy for the general public to use” said Clint.

The Launchpad6 solution was able to provide a completely integrated, end to end online awards program with everything Axon needed baked into the core solution.

“We looked at a few different platforms and Launchpad6 provided by far the platform with the cleanest looking user experience for the awards”



Principal Marketing UX Lead at Axon


Are you also looking for stress-free ways to deliver your online awards program and elevate the experience to your nominees? Contact Launchpad6 to find out how we can amplify your mission using online awards!

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