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Home Building Industry Awards

HBRA of Connecticut



The HOBI Awards selected Launchpad6 for their annual building awards event, which is one of the biggest in the country. 


The prestigious HOBIs or Home Building Industry Awards is an annual event which showcases the best products and services offered by the members of the HBRA of Connecticut. 

The Awards offer recognition in many categories including new home construction, land development, new & remodeled homes, remodeling, commercial construction, sales and marketing and financing. 


Moving between various submission systems, including mailing CD’s, flash drives and and paper entry applications, the HOBI organizers saw a need for a more cohesive and user-friendly platform. 

The team’s goal was to consolidate multiple online systems into a single solution - focused on creating a seamless experience for both organizers and participants -handling all actions from accepting submissions through to buying tickets for the event.


HBRA of Connecticut set out to find a single system capable of handling their eCommerce and award management needs. This search involved the team meeting with many potential providers.


The key solution requirements included:


  • Provide a simple and unified interface to access all HOBI Award activities,

  • Ability manage complex forms for a wide range of submissions,

  • Be able to take payments for Award submissions,

  • Must have a commerce system able to sell tickets, advertising space and sponsorships,

  • The ability to provide judges with a easy to use scoring portal,

  • Support multiple tiers of Sponsorship - product packages, complementary event tickets and branding included on the site.


Needed an all in one awards platform


Needed to manage over 130 different categories

Wanted to handle ticket bookings


Provided a delightful experience for Judges and Applicants


Supports the ability of entrants to save their application as a draft and complete at their convenience.

Create a clean, modern and branded awards site.

Provided ability to pay to submit and purchase tickets

Services Offered

ContestPad Premium Package


White labelled website


Payment gateway integration


ContestPad e-Commerce


  • Best ever feedback from applicants and judges

  • Over 700 guest tickets managed

  • All submissions, tickets and meal preferences in one place



Launchpad6 were the only solution that ticked all the requirements

  • Launchpad6 were the only provider who could unify all HOBI Award operations into a single platform,

  • Launchpad6 supplied an efficient workflow for the submission and management of Award entries,

  • Launchpad6 enabled online sales of tickets, subscriptions and advertising space,

  • Launchpad6’s rule-based forms abstracted 130+ form variations into a manageable eight forms,

  • Launchpad6 supported online judging panel scoring,

  • Launchpad6 enabled the platform to be styled consistently with HOBI brand guidelines.



Launchpad6 has greatly improved the user experience for entrants, making it more efficient and convenient. It's wonderful that dinner attendees and sponsors have also found it easier to use compared to previous systems. The positive feedback and glowing comments received by HOBI regarding Launchpad6 indicate its success in streamlining processes and enhancing user satisfaction. 


Launchpad6's workflow and data segmentation features enable the organization to assign specific tasks to the appropriate staff. This allows individuals to focus on processing entries or hosting the event, improving efficiency.


This clear division of responsibilities has streamlined the entire process, making it easier for the team to manage and prepare for a highly successful and ever growing event.

All the information was easily accessible for me, combined with a user-friendly experience and great customer service



Member Services & Events Coordinator, HBRA of Connecticut


Launchpad6 is helping organizations like the HBRA of Connecticut to provide a completely branded and delightful experience for applicants and judges alike.

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