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The ‘Autism’s Got Talent’ online event brought people on the spectrum and supporters together to deliver one of the Autism Society San Diego’s most successful fundraisers in the last decade.



The Autism Society San Diego works hard to improve the lives of all affected by autism, a goal that has proved especially challenging to deliver during the COVID pandemic. Traditional fundraising opportunities have been disrupted, threatening many of the critical autism programs from being delivered, and perhaps even more significantly the social benefits of connection and support risked being eroded the longer restrictions were enforced.

We could not do regular fundraisers due to COVID, so we needed to do something different than we had done before” said Tammy Anderson from Autism Society San Diego.

The team knew that a solution that could involve participation of people on the spectrum to showcase their amazing talents would really amplify the potential of an event.  They challenged each other to ‘think outside the box’ and develop an innovative solution that could achieve ambitious fundraising goals, capture the wide range of talents and skills of people on the spectrum, and engage, inspire and excite the autism community as well as a wider audience.


Running an online talent competition would inspire enthusiasm and participation in a COVID-safe way for people on the spectrum and have the potential to reach a much wider audience than an in-person event.  Fundraising could be achieved by payments for entry and voting.  They decided that to be successful, the event would need to deliver on the following criteria:

  • Raise substantial funds 

  • Make a significant return on the investment of running the event

  • Engage people with ASD in a fun and exciting way and provide a platform for them to showcase their talent

  • Be easy for people to enter and engage with

  • Expand and raise awareness about autism during this especially difficult time


The organising team were excited by their idea and were sure it could deliver on all their aims, but they were uncertain whether a solution existed that could deliver on all of their virtual fundraiser goals.  They started the search for an online competition platform that is:

  • Fast and easy to set up, with personalised support available whenever required

  • Able to be customised to personalise their contest website

  • Simple to use so that entrants could upload entries from any device

  • Able to accept payments from entry and voting without taking commission from payments


As soon as they discovered Launchpad6, the only platform that natively supports video submissions and enabled funds for entries and votes to be collected, they knew they’d found their solution.  


I’m so glad that we chose to go with Launchpad6 versus the other ones… knowing now what we ended up with and how it all worked” said Tammy Anderson from Autism Society San Diego. 


Organize a talent fundraiser amid COVID restrictions

Give people diagnosed with ASD the opportunity to showcase talent 

Provide a platform to build and inspire community engagement

Create awareness about Autism


Collect new contacts to broaden reach to new audiences



Pivot to an online talent fundraiser with Launchpad6

Work with a partner who delivers video upload, gallery and voting across all formats and devices

Leverage entry and voting payment gateway for fundraising

Services Offered

Contest platform hosting and support

ContestPad Premium package



  • 17,300+ views

  • 7000+ votes 

  • Raised close to $40,000

  • Increased ROI vs traditional events

  • Immeasurable social impact to contestants and community

“This was one of the most successful fundraisers we have happily had in the last 10 years… The overhead costs for doing this was considerably less than most events we would do."



Executive Board, Autism Society

San Diego

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The Autism Society cited the following specific reasons for choosing Launchpad6:

  • Entry and voting payment submissions are linked directly to The Autism Society’s payment gateway. Launchpad6 does not charge commission, enabling all the funds raised to go directly to support the important projects in San Diego

  • A contest website that was completely personalised, keeping the goals and aims of the fundraiser and society front and centre.  (While Autism Society San Diego had creative resources in-house to customise its own website, Launchpad6 can help set up a professional and engaging website if required)

  • The platform was easy and quick to set up

  • Quick and flexible help is available at every stage to adapt and adjust as the concept and execution of Autism’s Got Talent unfolded

  • Launchpad6 natively supports all video formats, including YouTube, from all devices, meaning a seamless and intuitive experience for users and audience



The virtual fundraiser exceeded every aim the organisers had for the contest. In terms of the revenue that we raised, this is one of the most successful fundraisers we have, happily, had in the last 10 years” said Shirley Fett, one of the Autism Society San Diego organisers.

Autism’s Got Talent received an overwhelming response from participants, families and from the wider community, raising close to $40,000 and generating significant interest and attention, much wider and more engaging than the usual exposure the society would expect for an in-person fundraising event.

The virtual competition generated over 15,000 views and nearly 7,000 votes, showing how appealing and engaging the content and enthusiasm was to a wider audience.

Importantly the competition kept the Autism Society relevant and impactful during a time of enormous disruption, and perhaps most significantly it gave a platform for contestants to socially engage with their peers even more deeply than would have been possible in the past.  

It far exceeded and continues to blow my mind how much we accomplished with this event that we did in 3 months” says Jorie Ellazar from Autism Society San Diego.

Despite being created out of necessity during challenging times, the success of Autism’s Got Talent has convinced the society of the effectiveness of a campaign tool that can fundraise, brand build, engage and most important of all, inspire.

“It far exceeded and continues to blow my mind how much we accomplished with this event that we did in 3 months"

jorie ellezar.png


Autism Society

San Diego


Are you looking for new tools to help fundraise, build brand awareness, increase community engagement and even get your community to generate content for use in your marketing and communication efforts?  If you want all of these benefits, delivered simply and cost effectively, contact Launchpad6 to find out how we can help amplify your cause with online competitions

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