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Have your live events been impacted recently?

Physical competitive events are being cancelled,  postponed or restricted, meaning the  engagement and motivation of  participants and the ability to judge  their performances is being  massively compromised.

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Dance clubs and organisations need to engage dancers and keep them active in order to reduce the risk of losing members. Dance competitions can be run virtually for solo performances or even small teams. Get dancers to compete for peoples choice awards or run structured judging events. Your competition is also a great way to support fund raising for clubs and dancers. 

We have all seen competitions such as The Voice™ and Country's Got Talent™. These types of competitions gives musicians the opportunity to compete against their peers through multiple rounds and win to progress onto greater things. Well doing this online can be a great way to source musical talent from the safety of a virtual environment. Create your own Battle of the Bands or Next Talent competition.

Sports are more than just games and entertainment. Fighting to win draws on cooperation, concentration, coordination, and creativity—all goals worth striving for in their own right. By scaling, augmenting or replacing your sporting events to an online competition means entrants have a better opportunity to safely compete and keep engaged with their sport. 






Educational institutes— whether it’s schools, colleges, universities or educational service providers — are now using online contests to scale and accelerate their engagement with students particularly if class access has been impacted. This keeps students engaged and provides a challenge to break up the normal routine.

By leveraging authentic content generated by students and using the thrill and excitement of competition is creating huge benefits for educators.

Charities are realizing the power that online competitions bring to their supporters. In many cases charity and other Not-For-Profit organizations are leveraging competitions to supplement their fundraising activities. Whether it is asking participants to donate funds to enter the competition or asking participants to donate funds for votes. This helps subsidise fundraising and also creates a platform for supporters to spread your message.

Innovation contests are a great way to source ideas from either an external audience or even employees. We have run some extremely successful ideation contests where participants provide innovative ideas or pitches to new products or services. Examples include entrepreneurs positioning their start-up business ideas or internal staff providing ideas to provide new and interesting services.


Example customers


Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and more sharing

Sign in with Facebook, Twitter or Google

Capture entrant social details

Custom social share messages 

Social voting gateway


Moderate registration, entries and comments

Automated moderation notifications


Users, groups and group security

Limit access to contest and entrants 

Full user registration process

Import users from other systems

IP Whitelisting

User email validation

Email domain and IP blocking

Entry payment gateway


Judging round periods

Rating, ranking or assessment criteria

Judging groups

Dedicated judge scoring site

Judge progress indicators

Automatic assignment


Public voting with fraud detection

Limit number of voting entries and votes

Defined voting period

Social and email voting gateways

Use all sorts of metrics to score entries

Export, analyze and remove suspected fraudulent votes

Custom voting forms

Voting payment gateway


Beautiful pre-made templates

Support multiple languages

Change colours, images and copy

Include explainer videos and counters

Social sharing widgets

Custom entry, voting and registration fields

Full customization using the code editor

Capture multiple files per entry

       Email Notifications

Notifications for contest events

Customize all messages

Enable or disable any messages

Integrate with Mailgun or own mailserver

       YouTube Integration

Save videos into your designated channel

Replicated status control

Automated links back to your contest

Retrieve YouTube analytics


Full site analytics


Video engagements

Device type detection

Social analytics

Link to other analytics such as Google


Full mobile responsive 

Direct integration with mobile camera

Capture entries from mobile library


Capture entrant and voter details

Export data to CSV 

Download all entries and entry data

Understand user behaviour


Supports all video and image formats

Streamed encoding

Adaptive streaming 

Multiple bitrates optimized per device

Original format also stored 

File encryption

Image watermarking for both video and images

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