How to create a virtual Competition

without spending a fortune!

In the world of online media, user-generated content is the best way to set yourself apart from your competition. But to be successful, you need to consider some aspects to ensure it is a success.






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Best practices to running an online contest

Campaign planning

Get advice on all the things you need to consider when running your contest. From competition goals, premise and awards to logistical issues such as stage timings, vote and judging approaches and submission considerations.

We draw on our years of experience supporting contests across all industries so you can ensure your next online competition is a success.


Visual design and development 

While we provide some inspiration and tools to style your contest to your own liking we also know sometimes organisations need a little help. If you would like something unique and different and don't have your own visual designers or frontend developers we can help. 

We have expert UX designers and frontend developers to make your next campaign site something to wow your audience.

Competition customisation

We understand that not all contests are created equal. This is why ContestPad has the unique capability to be customised by the Launchpad6 consulting development team to match your needs exactly.

Platform configuration and support

Crowd sourcing is the way of the future. By merging Launchpad6 competitions and video, you can provide compelling incentive for your audience to share ideas and inspire others in the process – meanwhile, your business gets the exposure it deserves.

Leading organisations around the world are already using Launchpad6

“Launchpad6 worked with us to deliver an attractive and highly functional microsite in a short amount of time that impressed both us and our client” 


—  Amy Marnie, Marketing  @ Junkie Media, Australia

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